It’s 2019!

Happy New Year, Wayfarers!

I am still kind of in shock that it’s 2019 already. So many things happened last year – several of which contributed to the unexpected hiatus you’ve all probably noticed recently. I really needed that break to step back and reevaluate a few things. I am happy to be back now, of course! And am excited to share this new year with you all 😊

One of my favourite things about the holidays was my participation in a secret Santa-type exchange, which we’ve continued on a group called The Gifting Tree. Essentially, when the mood strikes, you visit someone’s Amazon wishlist and send them a gift be it random, birthday, or holiday. It really took off and I love it! I have a friend who gifted over 30 items! Check her out at Bookish Mom 😍

I loved all of my gifts this year! Can’t wait to tackle these books! Did you get some things you loved for Christmas? My biggest surprise was the iPad from my boyfriend – I never thought he’d actually get me a new one. My last one is 6 years old and doesn’t update anymore, nor can I update certain apps like WordPress, so I’m very happy about this! And the secret Santa gifts really made my holiday special. 😍 you’re all amazing!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back in the swing of blogging very soon and hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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