ARC REVIEW | The Blood Spell by CJ Redwine (RAVENSPIRE #4)



Releases: 12th FEBRUARY 2019 by HARPERCOLLINS


REP: disability, PoC | TWs: abuse

So, this was totally not what I expected from a Cinderella retelling, by that made it all the more exciting and entertaining. The connection between Blue and Kellan is so sweet – I enjoyed their enemies to lovers journey.

There were a lot of really well written characters in this story (I’m a sucker for a really interesting character – good or bad) and the world itself is phenomenal – possibly because this is number four in the RAVENSPIRE world. This was my first RAVENSPIRE novel, but everything made sense anyway – it being a standalone. However, I have been told it’s better to read the four in order. Hansel and Gretel return, and there’s mention of Javan from The Traitor Prince, so I’ll have to do some back reading soon!

Now, back to the Cinderella story…I wasn’t sure how it was going to be in any way connected, but we do get the evil ‘stepmother,’ stepsisters, and fairy grandmother. It’s really only loosely related as far as retellings go, but enough so that you can see the main elements of the fairytale. My favorite part was Blue’s power and inner strength. She is such a wonderful character who would have your back when you need her to be there for you. Her potions instructions to Nessa (Kellan’s younger sister; also deaf) border are really sweet. Their friendship was unorthodox, yet beautiful. I loved that Blue learned sign language to be able to communicate with Nessa.

Something we soon discover is Blue has magic. She’s something of an alchemist in her fathers apothecary shop, but her alchemy is more advanced thanks to the Fae blood that runs in her veins. She gets that from her mother’s lineage – so, yes, Grandmere also has magic. When a seedy character gets into some trouble after realizing Blue may be able to create gold, some really sordid events are set in motion. Also, magic has been outlawed since the town discovered there was a blood wraith in their midst that had been feeding on the blood of children. It was Blue’s mother who locked it away.

Finally, Kellan, our prince of the land. He’s an interesting character. He has his flaws and a few haunting memories, but also a really good heart. When he returns home from boarding school, all he wants is to get out again, but it’s time for him to grow up, choose a wife, and be the king. He knows he won’t get to choose someone based on love, but rather needs to choose someone who will be able to give the kingdom a good alliance. So, one of the main families of the city would have to do. He becomes a major part of uncovering what’s happening to the girls and who’s taking the homeless children, as well as keeping Blue safe from her new guardian. A regular knight in shining armor …swoon.

I was completely engrossed in this story start to finish and will definitely be reading the others. Definitely a FIVE STAR read for me.

A dark and romantic epic fantasy retelling of the Cinderella story, about a girl who must team up with the prince she despises to defeat an evil creature threatening their kingdom. The fourth standalone novel in the New York Times bestselling Ravenspire series by C. J. Redwine.

Blue de la Cour has her life planned: hide the magic in her blood and continue trying to turn metal into gold so she can help her city’s homeless. But when her father is murdered and a cruel but powerful woman claims custody of Blue and her property, one wrong move could expose her—and doom her once and for all. The only one who can help? The boy she’s loathed since childhood: Prince Kellan.

Kellan Renard, crown prince of Balavata, is walking a thin line between political success and devastating violence. Newly returned from boarding school, he must find a bride among the kingdom’s head families and announce his betrothal—but escalating violence among the families makes the search nearly impossible. He’s surprised to discover that the one person who makes him feel like he can breathe is Blue, the girl who once ruined all his best adventures. 

When mysterious forces lead to disappearances throughout Balavata, Blue and Kellan must work together to find the truth. What they discover will lead them to the darkest reaches of the kingdom, and to the most painful moments of their pasts.

When romance is forbidden and evil is rising, can Blue save those she loves, even if it costs her everything?

Thank you so much to CJ Redwine and HarperCollins for the ARC.


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