Audiobook Round Up

Welcome to my audiobook round up!

I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately when I’m driving around for work, at my part time job, making dinner, or cleaning around the house. Basically, anytime I would rather be reading, but can’t for various reasons. It’s really upped my books read count and I’ve gotten through a few really great books. However, I haven’t been reviewing them here on the blog at all, so I decided I’ll do a weekly (maybe monthly or bi-weekly – depending on what I have to talk about) play about what I’ve listened to recently.

Now, some people consider audiobooks cheating, but I don’t see how that could be the case. For some people, it’s the only way they can actually read, be it a disability or otherwise. And for people like me who have a busy life, it’s a great way to get through that backlog of a TBR. I mean, I’ve finally gotten to The Black Witch and Talon (among others), which have been on my to read list for at least a year.

Another thing I’ve found is how differently some things are pronounced by voice actors versus how I thought they were pronounced. Really interesting and I’ve learned a lot. Anyway, let’s get to it! I’m only going to talk about 3 this week.

    Little Monsters by Kara Thomas (9hr 13 mins)

This was a psychological thriller and really intrigued me start to finish. Twists on lurid details on brutal characters. I really couldn’t figure this one until it explicitly told us what happened. Kacey, the MC, has had a really rough upbringing, which made me instantly connect with her. She’s just moved to live with her father, whom she’s never met previously, and his family. The story follows both past and present timelines to fill in some gaps of what is currently happening. I didn’t realize this was based on a true crime event, so that was even more shocking. Kara Thomas brings up some really interesting point about forgiveness and how far you’ll go to protect your people. I really loved this and it was totally 4✨.

    The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco (13hr 39mins)

This is book 2 in The Bone Witch series, so I won’t say too much about what happens. I don’t like spoilers, anyway. So, the chapters of this story alternate between Tea (her past and basically why she is where she is now) and the bard (the current chronicler). And I learned her name is not like the drink, but the ‘a’ is pronounced when you say her name! Chupeco has really written some great stuff in this. I loved all of the characters because they were done so well. The emphasis on gender roles and conformity was very well done, as well as overcoming expectations of other. Solid 4✨.

    Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke (5hr 40mins)

WPM was a story about three very different kids and a secret. Two girls the boy caught between them. The telling varies between narrators, each telling a bit more of the story from their own perspective, and each told by a different voice actor. So a lot of information is kept from the reader until it’s necessary to know it. This is a mystery and I really enjoyed it. Not a very long read, but extremely compelling. The characters are beautifully built and the world is a bit spooky. Bear in mind, nothing is as it seems, so try not to draw too many conclusions. I was pretty surprised by the ending, so this was a solid 4 ✨ for me. Also, a beautiful cover.

All times given are the minutes it would take to finish if listened to at normal speed. I get distracted and bored too easily if I listen at 1.0 speed, so I have my app set to 1.5 speed. It’s more like it sounds in my head when I’m reading a print or ebook.

So, tell me your thoughts in the comments! Love to know if you’ve read or listened to any and what you thought.

Until next time, wayfarers.

x, Mere

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