Can’t Freakin’ Wait Wednesday 10/04/19

Can't Wait Wednesday

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tressa over at Wishful Endings and was based on Waiting on Wednesday’s, which is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. She created it to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they’re books that have yet to be released, but that’s not always the case. I happen to have pile upon piles of books I am excited to read, so thought this would be a fun meme in which to partake!

I was declined on Netgalley for this beauty and I am so sad! I really was looking forward to getting this early, but I guess I can’t be too upset because I really do have too many books to read right this moment, anyway. Still, though! I cannot wait for this to release in AUGUST! It’s stunning and the synopsis is so thrilling. It sounds like such a creepy tale, and I am here for it! Secrets are such a great thing to build a plot around, I find, because you generally get a narrator who is either unreliable or just doesn’t tell you things that come back in to surprise you in the end. SO CAN’T WAIT!

Have you read this yet or is it on your TBR? What do you think of the description? And which cover do you like better? UK (left) or US (right)?

The Blair Witch Project meets Imaginary Girls in this story of codependent sisterhood, the struggle to claim one’s own space, and the power of secrets

Sixteen-year-old Skye is done playing the knight in shining armor for her insufferable younger sister, Deirdre. Moving across the country seems like the perfect chance to start over.

In their isolated new neighborhood, Skye manages to fit in, but Deirdre withdraws from everyone, becoming fixated on the swampy woods behind their house and building monstrous sculptures out of sticks and bones.

Then Deirdre disappears.

And when something awful comes scratching at Skye’s window in the middle of the night, claiming she’s the only one who can save Deirdre, Skye knows she will stop at nothing to bring her sister home.

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