The Wolf and the Water by Josie Jaffrey #blogtour

The Wolf and the Water was so gripping! From the very beginning of the story, I felt as if I was there alongside Kala. It was an AMAZING book.

Shhh…I know it’s late!

Kepos is a city in a valley, and one that hasn’t been very kind to Kala. Her circle has mainly included her parents and her Lissa. And when her father dies, it really changes everything about her life. He was her person, her safe space, and her rock. She struggles without him, but realises very soon after her mother takes a new husband that all is kot as it seemed.

Kala’s story takes us through her trial and struggles to determine the truth about her city and ancestry. It is so well written and beautifully crafted. I’m highly anticipating reading more from Josie Jaffrey in future. There’s a mini-cliffhanger, which leads me to believe their story doesn’t end here…

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