BLOG TOUR: What Walks These Halls by Amy Clarkin

A prickling sensation grew on the back of her neck, spreading up her scalp. It was the feeling of being watched. She whirled to face the doorway but it was empty.

Raven O’Sullivan doesn’t remember what happened in Hyacinth House five years ago. When her father died during a paranormal investigation there, everyone said it was an accident, but she’s pretty certain it’s her fault.

Her brother, Archer, wasn’t there that night. When asked to investigate the supposed ghost of Hyacinth House, he can’t resist saying yes. Even if his sister wants nothing to do with it.

Éabha McLoughlin has grown up seeing and hearing things no one else does. Now that she’s starting college, she finally has the freedom to find out why. The daring Archer and his eclectic team seem like a good place to start.

But everyone has their secrets, and they all lead back to Hyacinth House …’

OMG Wayfarers! I LOVED this book! If you know me, you know that I love a good scary story/thriller, especially when it’s done well. And Amy honestly knocked it out of the park with this debut. I was transported into the story through Amy’s storytelling and loved every second. It felt as if I was there alongside the characters trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of Hyacinth House.

The story was relatable and slightly terrifying. Some of it I actually couldn’t read in the evenings, it was that realistically written. The way Amy brought the characters together was brilliant. I didn’t expect some of the characters to have as big of a role as they did by the end, which was a fantastic surprise. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the representation within the storyline.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in reading ghost stories, especially if they want ones based in Irish lore. I’ll absolutely be looking out for future releases from Amy Clarkin. This novel has proved her talent for storytelling and building a multi-layered plot line to keep readers interested. My favourite character had to be Raven – oldest sister here!

Thank you to Chloe at The O’Brien Press for thinking of me when this blog tour was planned and sending me an advanced copy. And a massive thank you to Amy Clarkin, of course, without whom we wouldn’t have this fantastic story!

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Amy Clarkin by City Headshots

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