BOOK LAUNCH | Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin


I got to meet (again) one of my favourite authors. By all accounts, Sarah Maria Griffin is one of the best people on the PLANET and I seriously love her so much! This launch for her second fiction novel was packed full of awesome people and her beautiful pink book, Other Words for Smoke! *go check it out*

The introduction by Sinéad Gleason was so emotional and inspirational. #tinycoven

She really would have sold me on the book if I wasn’t already 100% in for it. This book of family, supernatural, and love has been on my highly anticipated list since last October at DeptCon 4! Plus, who doesn’t love weird books with unconventional characters? I’ve only read a few chapters so far, so can’t really tell you much about the content, but just having it makes me ecstatic!

Isn’t she just stunning? Total role model 🖤🖤🦉🏡 Review to come soon, as I’m sure I’ll absolutely devour this story. Thanks for reading, wayfarers!

Sunday Post No. 5 | 07 April 2019

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Latest book haul

Netgalley approvals –

  • Tiger Queen

Physical haul:

From the publisher –

  • Other Words for Smoke
  • All My Colours
  • The Quiet at the End of The World

Illumicrate –

  • Once & Future

Waterstones –

  • The Devouring Gray

Currently reading and recently finished

I’m about halfway through To Best The Boys, which is so wonderful. I’m loving Rhen and her whole take on life. Also reading The Invited by Jennifer Mahon (out at the end of the month) and listening to Wandfasted, which is the prequel to The Black Witch. Obviously, I finally finished The Black Witch (audio) and also read Opposite of Always, which I already posted my review! Totally check it out! Hoping to read some more of Other Words for Smoke before the launch tomorrow.

A few final words

My goodness, it has been such a busy week. I haven’t had a day off since Dingle! I’m exhausted 😴 and I’ve a lot on this week! So excited for the book launch tomorrow! Sarah Maria Griffin is literally one of my favourite authors and I can’t wait to see her talk about her newest weird book child! You all need to check her out and then buy her book, or the other way around. Also heading to Gin Experience on Friday evening, which is a great time! Chat soon, Wayfarers x

COVER REVEAL! Dark Wood, Dark Water by Tina Callaghan

So yesterday, I was on Twitter and an upcoming cover reveal caught my eye. I follow Eason’s Dept 51 page, which is the ya department for their bookshop. They’re a great page and you should check them out. Anyway, I love finding new Irish YA authors to follow and support because I live here now. I connected with the author, Tina Callaghan, and I just think she’s so cool! So, cue upcoming supernatural thriller ya novel….I give you the cover for Dark Wood, Dark Water coming to shops near you 1 September 2018 from Poolbeg Books!!


Something is wrong with the town of Bailey. Something dark, something dangerous. Something evil. Josh’s brother has just drowned. He meets Kate and Gabe, who also have lost family to the river. When they seek the help of a local historian, Naylor, he tells them that there is a sinister longstanding pattern to such tragedies.

But some unknown force is trying to help Josh rid the town of its curse. Why is he dreaming of a ship’s captain, a hooded monk, a dark familiar with a knife? What is being demanded of him?

Soon greater horrors than ever before are set loose. They are fighting against time, as evil has turned its baleful eye upon them.

I’ll be grabbing a copy. Will you? Tell me in the comments!

That time I saw Scott Lynch & Elizabeth Bear

Right, so I live in Ireland. The distant younger sister of the United Kingdom, and the strange cousin of the United States, that is never invited to the best parties… We rarely get great international authors on tour, and it’s even more rare that we get a book convention…(PLEASE CAN WE ORGANISE A BLOW OUT BOOK CON HERE ON THE EMERALD ISLE?!?)

*Haha just found out World Con (Dublin) and Euro Con (Belfast) are here next year!!!*

20180613_181513Despite all this, a couple of weeks ago, Scott Lynch (proclaimed author of The Lies of Locke Lamora) and Elizabeth Bear (prolific author of more speculative fiction works than I wish to count) CAME TO IRELAND! They were apparently on some tour of the UK (thank you, Gollancz) and decided to spend a day with us on this beautiful island. The weather was fab, so I can’t say I blame them.

They were completely hilarious, and such a wonderful pair! One of the first things Scott said on taking the stage was ‘on a more upbeat note, at least none of us are dead here right now.’ I laughed more during this talk than I ever have (bar the Diana Gabaldon talk in California, 2014) at an author’s talk. They are definitely people I’d love to know and will absolutely be seeing them again next time they come to Ireland!

20180613_181537Also, fun fact: he’s on a first name basis with George RR Martin 😮 *faints* They share an editor and are evidently friends. I’ve never been so close to someone who is friends with such a legend….

They discussed World Con and Euro Con, so keep an eye on those lineups, if you’re a massive fan! I was lucky to get all my Gentleman Bastard novels signed and personalised, but will have to see them again after book 4 is published.  I was actually running late at the end of the talk and when the signing was beginning. To the point I was ready to just head out the door, but I *reeeeally* wanted to meet him and get the books signed, so I waited. Luckily, the PR lady realised I was freaking out about the time and pulled me to the front so I could go quickly! I was so impressed and thrilled with life!