#ReadIrishWomenChallenge – shout out to @martshannon for all his design work on this! pic.twitter.com/gOf2dT0YDo — The Bookaneer 808 (@jabberwocky888) April 4, 2019 OF COURSE I’M PARTICIPATING IN #READIRISHWOMENCHALLENGE!! Obviously, I’m pretty late starting, but better late than not going to the party – unless you don’t want to go, in which case more power toContinue reading “#ReadIrishWomenChallenge”

The Princess Saves The Day – November Event

Hi friends! I’ve never told you, but I’m in a fb group called TBR and Beyond. Now, they are highly responsible for my excessive book buying because they always have too damn many wonderful recommendations – please don’t ever stop TBRers! 🖤🖤 This month, they’re hosting a reading event called The Princess Saves The Day!Continue reading “The Princess Saves The Day – November Event”