Céad Míle Fáilte – Welcome

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

Ok, well not exactly new, but it’s a new page, anyway.. I recently relocated here from my blogger in order to streamline my posts and reviews. Plus, I just really like the look of WordPress blogs. Some of my favourite bloggers are on WP, so I took the plunge!

If you’re here, you’ve probably realised by now that I love books. I love reading more than near anything else in life, and thoroughly enjoy spreading my love of books with everyone I meet. So, I decided awhile ago to start blogging about it to meet new friends to talk books – I mean, can you really ever have enough bookish friends? I hope you all have a great time here with me as I review books I’ve previously loved and most books I read in future.

Another thing you’ll probably notice is the variation in spellings. I drift between US and UK word spellings simply because I’m an American expat in Ireland. My software often tells me words are misspelled when I use the US version, but I did many years of schooling in the states, so some things will slip through!

A bit about me: I’m an avid reader. My mom says I started reading around 3 years old and just never stopped. I honestly don’t remember ever not being able to read. I was the kid who read at recess and brought a book everywhere I went. I can often be found in a comfy spot with a book and a cup of caffeination – ordinarily coffee. Yes, I’m a bit of a coffee addict…so sue me. Coffee is my friend. It keeps me going!

I’m a dog training assistant, as well. I love it! I completed an internship with a puppy school near me recently, and they just never let me go. I help teach classes once a week, am a grooming assistant 2-3 days a week, AND pet sit a couple times a week. Currently on a housesit for a wonderful couple who own a collie cross girl who is so smart and such a good girl! Will miss her when we go back home… My ultimate goal is to become a canine behaviourist, so that’s what I’m working toward. In the meantime, I love the teaching experience.

I read mainly YA Fantasy, but also love Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and Historical Fiction. Honestly, I’m pretty open to reading anything if the blurb draws me in or people are shouting its praises. My current favourites are Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young and Bring Me Back by b.a.paris. I loved those so much!

Anyway, I’m running off to rugby, so I’ll see you all here again soon! Feel free to leave questions in the comment section! xx

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