February Reading Challenge Wrap Up – When Royalty Comes to Play

Right, so I didnt get through all the books I planned to this month. Here’s my planned TBR for the challenge:

And I read none of them! I started King of Scars, Sherwood, and had already begun part of Price Guide to the Occult. But my final card looks quite different. I read 10 books this month, but 1 didn’t fit in the challenge anywhere.

And, as you can see, I only completed one rope. I’m still pretty happy with my progress, though! That’s 23 books read this year so far. Nearly a quarter of my planned number to read this year. 😲 much better than last year 😂😂

My top 5 favourites this month were In Another Life, Asking for it, Ruin and Rising, When Summer Ends, and The Husband’s Secret. Didn’t enjoy The Dysasters much. I also started Sherwood last night, so that will be my first completed book for March!

Did you love any of my Feb reads? Let me know!

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